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Go Far serves children in Regional District 13, the towns of Middlefield and Durham, CT. Our program currently runs during recess at 2 elementary schools (grades K-4). In the elementary schools, students run or walk laps and have their mileage recorded by a mentoring adult. Students are given small prizes (like Legos on a necklace, or charms) every mile, a t-shirt at 26.2 miles, and other prized for multiple marathons in each academic year. 


Children benefit and learn about the importance of achieving a long term goal through our structured program. Volunteer coordinators are at each of the schools, and these people organize the program, direct volunteer parents to come in, record mileage and hand out mileage charms.



At the Memorial Middle School, (grades 4, 5 & 6) our program runs after school, in fall winter and spring.  We are an after school running club for youth who like to run or would like to learn how to run in a safe, fun environment. Go Far X-C creates a cross-country team-like atmosphere where the kids do fun activities which increase their physical fitness, build endurance and become confident runners.  Each day starts with stretching warm ups followed by some fun team oriented games, then a one mile (or more) run. We include an annual Fall Fest which takes place at the CRHS track with the Strong and CRHS cross country teams after their season.  



Go far continues to play a supportive role in the upper schools. By the time a child reaches 7th grade, they now have the opportunity to run on the school cross country and track teams. Students begin to take on mentorship roles. Children who have participated in Go Far in the lower schools tend to continue a life long passion of running.  It has been proven that since Go Far's inception, our upper school's teams have swelled to unprecedented numbers.


Meaningful events such as Go Far's Fall Fest is designed to strengthen the upper school running community in between race seasons. Students from Memorial, Strong and CRHS are given the chance to meet up and share their love for running and further inspire one another.

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