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Grades K-5: Brewster, John Lyman & Memorial Schools


Go Far serves children in Regional District 13, the towns of Middlefield and Durham, CT. Our program currently runs during recess at schools (grades K-5). Students run or walk laps and have their mileage recorded by a mentoring adult. Students are given small prizes (like Legos on a necklace, or charms) every mile, a t-shirt at 26.2 miles, and other prized for multiple marathons in each academic year. 


Children benefit and learn about the importance of achieving a long term goal through our structured program. Volunteer coordinators are at each of the schools, and these people organize the program, direct volunteer parents to come in, record mileage and hand out mileage charms.

runners winged foot


Go far continues to play a supportive role in the upper schools. By the time a child reaches 6th grade, they now have the opportunity to run on the school cross country and track teams. Students begin to take on mentorship roles. Children who have participated in Go Far in the lower schools tend to continue a life long passion of running.  To that end, Go Far sponsors any runner from the Strong School (grades 6-8) Cross Country team to go to the Connecticut Middle School State XC Meet, the first Saturday in November.  We enter the meet as a club, pay for entry fees for each runner, and have mentors and coaches there to help guide the runners to a successful first big running meet.

Meaningful events such as Go Far's Fall Fest is designed to strengthen the upper school running community in between race seasons. Students from Strong and CRHS are given the chance to meet up and share their love for running and further inspire one another through fun running games, always holding on to inflatable animals.

At CRHS, we have runners who at the end of their seasons, if they do well, cannot run in nationals or further regional meets unless they are sponsored by a running club.  That's where we come in.  The CRHS runners talented enough to run beyond CT state meets can continue to compete using GO FAR club sponsorship. We even had a kid miss graduation last year so that he could run in nationals!  Most recently, we've had several CRHS graduates continue to run at the college level. 

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Go Far Fall Fest
Go Far Fall Fest
Go far Indoors
Go Far Fall Fest
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