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Go Far Community Heroes: The Durham Public Library

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Go Far Community Heroes: I have a daughter who loves to read, She's a super hero to me because I used to struggle with the process and I love to witness her ability to absorb, digest and enjoy it. Reading can be a wonderful vacation from reality or for others, something that proves challenging. Either way, the process helps one go far in life and luckily, there are super hero librarians out there who are there to help us along. The librarians at Durham Library (and Levi Coe and our schools) help us find the right books, and learn to fly. We are truly fortunate to have these special people in our community that care. They are the keepers of knowledge, just waiting to help us unlock our own.

It just so happens that Durham Library will be celebrating super heroes during summer reading season. Stop in and visit soon, but first, visit our youth librarian at Go Far Go Fast on May 30th.

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