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Go Far Community Heroes: The CCAP (The Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program)

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Go Far Community Heroes: THE CCAP About 8 years ago, a guy by the name of Aidan Charles and I met up at a MCCAC luncheon. As it turns out we were both getting awards for our respective programs that were still in their infancy. We both had deep histories in our sports, but while the sport differed, we had a similar creative energy. At that point, Pete couldn't reach the pedals of his second-hand 24 inch road bike hanging in the rafters of the garage. I promised Aidan Charles, that at some point, He and Peter would somehow find a way to merge their worlds.

Fast forward 8 years; Peter would be out for a solo winter ride when a group of riders swooped by him. The man I had met years ago would peel off from the group and ask Pete to join them on their ride. That's how we came to know CCAP.

Since then, Peter has found an awesome circle of friends who ride hard and play hard under the watchful eye of some fantastic coaching. So where's the Go Far connection?

Both of our programs were created under a similar principal of building a friendly and hard-working community led by strong mentoring. Aidan took the broader route branching out throughout CT and I stayed within a ten mile radius of home. Either way, we both work pretty hard at our game, trying to improve the community we are part of. The guy's that mentor my kid are his personal super heroes. Thanks for letting him be your young sidekick. Hopefully some of the CCAP kids will join us at to try to test their running legs.

If you know a kid who may thrive in the cycling world, well try to connect him or her to CCAP on race day.

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