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Go Far Community Heroes: Coginchaug Baseball



Go Far Community Heroes: It's baseball mania. The kids are in the thick of their seasons taking on every pitch thrown at them. We have a large population of truly dedicated great ball players in our community. Since the beginning of Go Far Wellness Program, we have done our best to truly support and applaud the diversity of the many possible athletic endeavors of our youth. Whether, you catch, hit, kick, or throw, we're pretty sure there's some running involved. Pictured is the boys CRHS varsity team and the Strong team. Many of the Strong boys were among my first Go Far runners. I've handed these boys more Popsicle stick counters than one could imagine. Ryan G was one our first Go Far triple marathoners back when he was in 2nd grade. Now he's a foot taller than me. I can only expect wonderful futures from these boys as I know, they will always continue to Go Far.

Take a break from running bases and join us on Go Far Go Fast morning on May 30th. Support the program that has grown along with you.

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