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Go Far Community Heroes: Allie Allsup

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Allie Alsup is a stand out sophomore on the track team at CRHS. Just yesterday, she broke the 30 year school record for the 400. Running like the wind, she's like the Flash coming around the back corner of the 400. But there's something special about this athlete. She's humble. She willing to let others in and always has words of encouragement to other athletes coming up. She's there for her team on many levels. We're really proud of you Allie!

It's super stars like Alli that make the Go Far race special. If you have a young runner who needs encouragement, she and a number of her hs team mates will be there to hold the hands of a little runners, encourage them and help them find that finish line with their heads held high together! We're growing a stronger community, one kid at a time. Sign up today at www.gofargofast.orgGo Far Wellness Program

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