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Community Heroes: Gail and Bob Florio

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Who are these Go Far Community heroes strong enough to hold up an anchor? Well, that would be my mom and dad, Gail and Bob. I have introduced you to many familiar faces over the past week, but let's get to the root of all things Go Far Wellness Program. Running this program takes hard work and a bullish attitude sometimes. My parents are a spirited set of New Yorkers who have never been afraid to work hard or say it the way is. My mom, a school teacher, turned full time mom of 5, believed in nurturing us, but never babying us. My dad, a 45 year veteran floor broker on the American Stock exchange and retired Army MP, may be one of the strongest, but most generous person I know. These folks are my rock (or anchor in this case) and at the very foundation of integrity that goes with Go Far. Yes, they do have a giant anchor in their front yard because, well... they can, and I would expect nothing less from these heroes. They keep my brothers and I anchored and I'm forever grateful.

They'll be the real super heroes at Go Far Go Fast and they will be there once again to cheer on all of the kids racing. If you see them, give them a big hug!

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