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Go Far Community Hero: Lino Aparo


It's 5 pm, there's nothing cooking on the stove. The kids are hungry, and the only thing in the fridge is a bag of wrinkled carrots. In desperation, you check for pantry hoping for some inspiration, only to find yourself looking into the abyss. Suddenly, Lino appears in a "Flash", producing the dinner miracle. He's got a loaf of semolina bread from Arthur Ave. and some of the best roast beef north of the NYC. He is our local super hero, saving dinner, one deli slice at a time. Trust me when I say that his work ethic is something we all aspire to. He's a man who knows how to Go Far every day. Without this indispensable super hero, how would our community Go Far?

Stock up at Linos and carbo load the night before Go Far Go Fast. Sign up soon. T-shirt deadlines are fast approaching.

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