Go Far Hero: Lauren


A while back, while I was dropping the kids off to summer running practice, I saw Lauren practicing free throws at the hoops alongside the track. The next day, I saw her again, and the pattern continued. While she continued to shoot hoops, I saw the runners happily trotting by as they embarked on their late afternoon run. Over the years, my internal Go Far radar often alerts me when I see a child who could benefit from the positivity that comes from running. I asked her if she wanted to join the girls just for fun. She looked at me like I was crazy in thinking she could actually run. As she continued to shoot hoops as the summer progressed, I continued to ask her to join the kids. Then one fateful day, she did. Since then, Lauren has become a captain in a sense that she has truly become an inspiration to the people around her. She would run in the sun, and then become a winter soldier and run through the snow. She would discover her unbelievable inner and outer strength, and became a true Go Far hero in every sense of the word. The team is so much better because of you Lauren. Your spirit inspires us all to become the captains of our own destiny. Go Far Lauren! Maybe you know a potential Go Far kid. Come introduce him or her to our welcoming community on May 30. Sign up at www.gofargofast.org

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