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Go Far Heroes: The Deerfield Kitties

So can the Go Far cape campaign go on for 20 more days? I bet I can do it. It's really fun to get shots of so many friendly people who make this community the awesome place it is. But let's skip the people for a minute. Every time I head over to Deerfield Farm to replenish Peter's chocolate milk habit, I can't help but linger for a while. What usually stops me in my tracks is the original Cat Woman. She's petite and moves through the barn with cat like reflexes. That is; well...because she's a cat. Jewel is the queen of Deerfield, a super hero in every sense of the word because of the world she seems to complete and the humans she often saves with her affections. I have been bringing the kids to visit Jewel and her babies: Plum, Cherry (who look like miniature Hulks) and Meow for a number of years. Sitting in that barn, even if just for a few minutes, can change your outlook for the day. Deerfield Farm helps us to remember how to unplug, breath in some simplicity, and revel in the bucolic world that once was Durham and Middlefield. To create this essence, it takes a super hero of the utmost strength and resilience in Melynda Naples. To finish the thought though, I'm thank full for the small Go Far heroes that have the ability to bring pure joy to my teenage daughter with a friendly meow.



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