Go Far Super Heroes: Katie Hughes

Wake up, it's time to go to Katie Hughes' Perk on Main. This community super hero has supported Go Far since it began. Her many efforts have won her small business awards and she's fed us well over the years. Her hard work and dedication has helped her rise super hero status among the community, especially for her environmental role in the restaurant community. She's seen here with her dynamic duo sidekick, Zack Stublarec, who is an active member on the Durham Middlefield Local Wellness Coalition. Unfortunately, his back is turned to us because he's working so hard. (Batman's) Robin, never got any spotlight either. Katie's super power: "The Classic". When she wields it with lots of Nutella, one becomes unstoppable!

Katie will have her Perk On Wheels truck down at Go Far Go Fast on May 30th. Run a race, eat a crepe. We run on Nutella!


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