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Introducing Go Far's 2020 Virtual Running program 


Great news! Running isn’t cancelled!


No person has escaped the disruption and stress that comes with COVID-19. For 15 years, Go Far has taught the community that no challenge is impossible without a positive attitude and hard work. While we are disappointed to announce that we will be cancelling the 2020 Go Far Go Fast race at the Durham Fair Grounds, there is some good news...running isn't cancelled! Introducing our virtual club! At Go Far, we understand long term goals and how to take the steps to achieve them. Through our new program, individuals will create personal goals and record them online. We will use Strava.com, a free tool that can be used for recording. Our online Go Far club members can support and mentor each other to these goals through daily “kudos”, and commenting.  As a community, we will have weekly cumulative mileage tallies, where milestones will be celebrated visually through social media. We will make a point of celebrating our young marathon finishers along the way. We invite EVERYONE to participate: little kids, big kids, parents, grandparents, coworkers, college students etc.  One does not have to live in Durham or Middlefield to participate. We believe that walking and running can alleviate the emotional strains of social distancing. Despite the difficulty of the times we are living in, we have have been given an extraordinary opportunity to be in this wellness game together. Let’s see how strong our community is.

How to get started:


Join Strava.com, It’s free and easy. Parents, you will need to help get an account set up.  Once you do this, be sure to join the Go Far community group. To do this. Go to “Explore” in the drop down menu, then “Clubs”. Type Go Far and it should come up with Middlefield, CT as a home location. Once that’s done, you’re part of our community Go Far club!  There are many ways to log your miles on Strava. You can submit your workouts via the Strava phone app, a fitness watch or Fitbit or you can manually add your mileage via computer. Strava’s weekly mileage counter starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. We know that for some, Strava may seem intimidating because times are posted. We chose Strava as a platform because it encourages community support as you pursue your personal fitness goals. We are using Strava purely for mileage counting. As said above, you can manually add your mileage if that is all you want to show. 


How to make your run happen:


Because of social distancing practices, we encourage you to run with same household family members or on your own. Go Far can not be held responsible for your safety on roads so please follow all pedestrian laws.  We encourage runners to map out a safe route, use a treadmill, a track or go out and discover some wonderful trails. For younger runners, with no digital equipment, we encourage a home or property loop to be measured by an adult and then one can use Go Far’s old school popsicle stick counters to add the mileage up.  

Goal Setting

Since Go Far's inception, our primary goal has always been for children to accumulate 26.2 miles. We are inviting runners of all ages to begin with this goal. However, we're big thinkers! We believe that through the end of June, many can run nearly 100 miles or more! The program will run from April 15 til schools typical end, June 14. Special edition Go Far shirts for our virtual 2020 season will be awarded to children who run a marathon of 26.2 miles and adults over 18 who run two marathons at 52.4 miles.  At a future date when health regulations permit, t-shirts will be awarded to all marathon finishers after a ceremonial last mile run together at the Coginchaug track and Field.  

Because most will be new to the Strava setup, we will start a new spring marathon tally for all runners currently enrolled in RSD 13 school's program. 

Many children have become accustomed to running Go Far for small prizes. These challenges will all be virtual and until we can all meet again publicly, no physical prize will be awarded. 

Tallying and Keeping Track

Strava will record your daily mileage. A Go Far leader will keep track of your marathon and add the club's total miles. 

Kids can color in the feet of the provided pdfs to help track their mileage.

Weekly Challenges

One can expect to see weekly challenges of varying distances made for kids and adults announced via Facebook and our Strava club page. The goal of these challenges are not to stir up competition but to create daily structure and interest in personal goal achievement. We will be reaching out to our coaches and top mentors for ideas. Challenges to be announced.


Community Goals

We will have social media celebrations at the club’s cumulative 250 mile benchmarks. We’ll be counting on our grown-ups and Go Far mentors to grow the club’s mileage and send out messages of support to younger runners and novices. We encourage many snap shots of your Go Far journey on our club page. We will encourage sharing of personal milestones achieved.  The club will have moderators to oversee Strava comments so they are deemed appropriate. How far will we run by June 15th? I believe we will go farther than we have ever before!

Help us help you...please donate.


We are a non profit and typically reach out once a year for funding donations. Because of the current situation, we have put our fundraising efforts on hold due to the strain that many of our sponsors are experiencing. If you are participating in the 26.2 challenge, please consider clicking the donate button to help offset the t-shirt cost for the this year's program. Generally, we pay about $6 for a t-shirt. We want to see our entire community out walking and running, please help support our cause and we cheer you along!

Love our program and want to donate?  Any donation is welcome and needed!

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Go Far serves children in Regional District 13, the towns of Middlefield and Durham, CT. Our program currently runs during recess at 2 elementary schools (grades 1-4) and one middle school (grades 4-6). In the elementary schools, students run or walk laps and have their mileage recorded by a mentoring adult. Students are given small prizes (like Legos on a necklace, or charms) every mile, a t-shirt at 26.2 miles, and other prized for multiple marathons in each academic year.


Children benefit and learn about the importance of achieving a long term goal through our structured program. Volunteer coordinators are at each of the 3 schools, and these people organize the program and direct volunteer parents to come in, record mileage and hand out popcicle sticks and mileage charms.


Go Far is organized entirely by high spirited volunteers. Parents and community mentors are the backbone of the program ensuring it's yearly success.  The Go Far Go Fast race committee is made up of the board of Go Far, all volunteers, who coordinate members from the community to help on race day. Go Far has run since 2005 with the support of District 13 schools, The Durham Middlefield Wellness Coalition, and many businesses and organizations that share our mutual goals in building a healthy community.    


We believe in our kids and their ability to achieve anything they set their minds to!  At Go Far, children learn that honesty, hard work and perseverence create better people and a happier community.